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What is a letter of demand template?

A letter of demand template is a generic form letter used by many debt collection agencies to get the information about a debt all together, present it to the debtor and then demand payment within a certain period time and give an ultimatum of what will happen if the debt is not paid, which is usually to commence legal action.

Although templates can be a useful tool, unless they are used properly they can result in costly mistakes which can be very difficult to rectify later on.  Although there are a number of generic aspects to letters of demand, they may need to vary because the fair debt collection practices legislation or the jurisdiction of particular courts involved and naturally the nature of the debts owed and how they were incurred.

Obviously, if you think there is going to be any complicated aspects of a debt recovery matter you should contact a lawyer to obtain proper legal advice before proceeding but if it seems like a relatively simple matter you can usually send a letter of demand from a template which you can fill out yourself such as the one which we have available on this site.

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What do you require in order to use our Debt Collection Letter Template?
Your Debt Collection letter can be used by you entering some of simple details :

  1. Your name and contact details.
  2. The name and contact details of the debtor.
  3. Copies of unpaid invoices or contract for the provision of goods or services which the debt relates to.
  4. Copy of Microsoft Word to open and print the letter and put it in the post.

What do you get when you buy our Debt Collection Letter Template?

  • A legally written template to collect and demand payment
  • Optional clauses for negotiating payment
  • An Optional payment slip to immediately accept credit card payments
  • Unlimited use of the template
  • Instant download of the template
  • Easy editing and printing in Microsoft Word
  • Free Bonus – Payment Reminder Letter – Ideal for sending before final letter of demand to increase chance of collection

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