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What is the Debt Collection Process

Here are the 4 key steps to collecting your debt:

  1. Collect Information - Gather your invoices, contracts and documentation of your debt
  2. Make a phone call - Directly call your debtor and ask when you will be paid
  3. Letter of Demand - Send a debt collection letter
  4. Litigation - An overview of the debt collection legal process

How much is one good collection letter worth?

Suppose you could sit down and write a simple letter and send it to your customer that instantly got them to pay you the money you deserve?

Think about it. For less than the price of a movie ticket - you could send a letter that will deliver a message to get your debt paid now.

But Composing A Legal Collection Letter Isn't Easy...

Sure you want your money, but you also want to maintain your customer relationship. You walk that fine line between being too nice and too aggressive.

Instead of spending hours composing, legally checking and formatting a letter, you can now download a revenue-generating letter instantly.
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Debt Recovery Letter Template

Debt Collection Lawyer
All documents prepared by
Dwayne Marcus, Lawyer - Debt Collection Specialist
B.A., LL.B., F.A.A.A., T.A.G.I.

Dwayne’s mission is to ethically collect debts successfully on behalf of his clients, for Australian Debt Recovery Services. Dwayne has been in the debt collection industry for over 20 years, helping clients with businesses of all sizes.
Does Someone Owe you Money?

The first step to debt collection is to send a letter of demand.
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Debt Collection Tips and Advice

Debt Collection Legal Support Services

Debt collection is one of the services that most often requires legal support. In many instances it is necessary to have a lawyer involved in a debt collection matter.

ANZ Debt Collectors caught out

ANZ Bank may have acted illegally by harassing debtors and seizing money from their accounts in breach of consumer guidelines. Confidential bank files reveal several cases involving breaches of consumer laws and industry guidelines by the ANZ’s debt collections department.

Personal Debt Recovery

What are the issues related to personal debt recovery? Personal debt recovery from family or friends can be complicated.

Debt Collection and Economic Recovery

There are elements of debt collection which change as a result of economic recovery. Debt collection tools such as debt collection letters remain the same.

Things to think about before hiring a debt collection agency

There are a number of things to think about before hiring a debt collection agency. Get an idea of how you can maximize value from your choice of debt collection agency.

Secured and Unsecured Debt Collection

The meaning of a secured debt is that the debt is tied to the ownership of property by a debtor. The difference between secured and unsecured debt collection is that if you are the creditor in relation to a debt that is secured, there will be an asset which can be sold in order to realise the value of the debt.

Debt collectors at the ATO told to ease up – what does this mean for me?

In an interesting lesson for the debt collection industry, a consultant’s report to the Australian Taxation Office has found that the ATO was pushing too hard in its debt collection efforts with the result that the costs of enforcing debts was outstripping the amounts which were being recovered.

Debt collection in tough economic times

The debt problems in Greece and more generalised worries about an impending European debt crisis seemed to have triggered a very large worldwide sell-off which occurred on Thursday in all of the world’s markets. Debt collection of economic times is also conducted much more effectively by highly experienced a collection agency who were seen the same patterns before that relate to the debt or patterns of behaviour in tough economic times and the way that excuses can be used for non-payment as part of the more general social and economic malaise which is affecting society at present but has no relevance to the fact that they haven’t paid you.

What are some signs of good debt collection agency?

Although it is easy to get caught up in the emotional aspects of being owed money often a cold analysis of the practical realities of debt collection will yield the best results. Many debt collection agencies work off commission, often between 30 and 40% of the total recovery.

How do you collect personal debts from someone?

Personal debts can be sensitive to collect. For this reason, we recommend referring a matter like this to a debt collection agency to see if the amount can be recovered quickly and easily.

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